Northants Lawn Tennis League Summer 2013    (applies to Mens and Ladies Winter Leagues as well) 

Captains and

Captains - You need to take action on this now. The first league matches are on 11th April. Captains can NOT post any results until a Club Admin has been created and the Captains have Registered and linked to their club.

Please Register on using these instructions and hopefully see how easy it can be. If you have any problems we are here to offer help in 3 different ways;

  1.  Ring Mark or Tim while on your computer and we can talk you through any small problem or even through the whole thing. (Numbers below)
  2.  Ring Mark or Tim to arrange a visit. To do everything for a Captain takes half an hour.
  3.  If you are really stuck we can do it all for you and email you back your login details. Send us your Name, Email, Mobile, Team Name and a list of players names who may play in your team. (players names may also be added later)
  4.  Any Captain not happy to post their own results can email Barry Searle ( ) for a supply of cards and return the completed cards to Barry for him to input to MyDivision.

League contacts Mark Bird (07866 606896 )who is project leader or Tim Walden (01604 706405 ) who is League Fixtures Sec.

Team Captains (anyone required to post results needs to do steps 1 to 9);

  1.  Go to and click Register (top right) and fill in the details
  2.  As soon as you send you details you will receive an email with a ”click here to Activate” message
  3.  Click to Activate in the email and go back to MyDivision to login
  4.  Login and choose “Northamptonshire” and then “Northants Lawn Tennis League – Summer”
  5.  Choose the Division your team plays in.
  6.  Press SET in Login Direct box at bottom left so next time you login you go direct to your division
  7.  Go to Control Panel (top right) then My Club and Add Club, select your own club then click “Send Request” but you MUST also click on next page the “Send Email” button
  8.  You have now sent a request to your Club Admin to be linked to your club. The Club Admin will recognise your name and give you “Player” status so you can post results.
  9.  You must now await a decision by email from your Club Admin person.
  10.  Once successfully Registered and linked to Club you can set up names for your squad of players
  11.  Go to your Division and click on any fixture that your team is in
  12.  This takes you to the results page. Under your team name click on “Add Player to ….Squad”
  13.  If the names are in the “Existing Players” drop down list select them and click “Add Existing Player”
  14.  If the names are not in “Existing Players” then click “Add New Player” and enter their name
  15.  These names will now appear in the drop down boxes on the results page to make entering results easier
  16.  Once your name is in the Existing Players list you can link to it to see your Player Stats etc by clicking “Player Search” in “Tennis Index” on the left, search on your surname and then select yourself, then click the “ME” button. My Stats is shown in the Tennis Index box on the left of page.
  17.  Send your details including mobile number to your Club Admin so they can put you as Team Contact for your team
  18.  To see the Contact Details for any team simply click on the “Pos” number in the league table beside the team name and IF they have entered the details you will see a yellow box with the info. Try this with Abington or Dallington as their details are already complete.

Results – For this first year the league asks that a paper record of results is kept by Team Captains just in case! Match cards may be printed from MyDivision, see left side.

The home team;  Go to and log in, click on the fixture played then enter all your own players and as many of the opposition players as possible then all the set scores and finally click Submit. The system will then automatically add up the set scores for the final score line.

NB: The Submit button will only be displayed on or after the Match Date has been reached.

On the Tables & Fixtures page the team submitting the result will stay Blue while their opposition will turn Red, it is the team in Red who now needs to get online and confirm the result showing.

Results – The away team; Shown in Red must check the details entered then add any of their missing players and ONLY if the details are correct, click the Confirm button.

If something entered is incorrect the Red team must contact the person who submitted the details to resolve the discrepancy before continuing. Once a result has been confirmed only League Admin can make changes.

If a discrepancy cannot be resolved both teams must contact the league whose decision will be final.